About Me

I am a programming and engineering student born in Russia and residing in Maryland within in the United States. I have a wide range of interests including but not limited to engineering, chemistry, history, linguistics, governance, and informatics.

I am also an outdoorsman and active member of Boy Scout Troop 291.

Things I've Done

I have participated in the University of Pennsylvania's PClassic programming competition, ACSL, USACO, Montgomery Blair's Debate Team, cofounded and lead Montgomery Blair's Economics Club, founded and captained the Blair Engineers' Guild, and - along with Shriyash Upadhyay and Chris Wang - submitted a paper to Google Science Fair.

I have had a hand in many a Scouting service project, and am currently planning my own to earn the rank of Eagle. I am also a member of the Motgomery Blair System Operators, and help to maintain the servers which host mbhs.edu and improve and create tech tools for school organizations. When I have the time I code for fun and these projects can bew found on the projects section of this site.

About this Site

This site is served by nginx running on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+, running Arch Linux for ARM. The entirety of this site was written from scratch by myself, with dynamic elements such as the blog and light control interface written in PHP and backed by a MariaDB (MySQL) database.


Occasionally I do things.