Fun with Hardware Programming

December 4th, 2016

Like many of my fellow high school students, I face a dire problem: waking up in the morning. While I do already have an alarm clock, the snooze button is too easy to reach, and thus sleep is far too easy to reenter. This has been the case many times. However, I have found that if a room is lit I will inevitably wake up. To this end I set out on my latest little project: creating an automated lamp-based alarm for myself that I could control via the web. This is my report on the results.

The system required... Read more

Introducing: The Sysop Room

December 2nd, 2016

So, today I'd like to talk about something that has fascinated since I was a freshman and that I have now had the chance to make my own personal contributions to: The Sysop Room.

The room is our castle, seeing as the server room must be secure. However, by MCPS policy, teachers may not give keys to students. So how do we get in? Through the wonderful loophole known as the Sysop room door. The first iteration of this system was built sometime in the early 2000s and consisted... Read more

Things are Busy

October 25th, 2016

Quick update before I forget to write a post for a month again. This entry will be written in the most succinct manner possible. Lets do this:

Things that are going on:

BIG - The first project is in the works, currently acquiring materials.
Econ Club - Things are going nicely, we are in the middle of our lecture series on finance.
Classes - There is more than enough work, but the learning is happening.
SAT - Coming up on the 5th of November. Taking a practice test every weekend. My soul aches.
Sysops... Read more

Announcing: BIG, The Blair Engineers Guild

October 1st, 2016

Well, I have a special announcement to make: I am founding a new club with my friends at Blair to fill a niche which I see open and very attractive, especially considering my future ambitions: Engineering and building big things (which are not FIRST robots). While Robotics Team is a great club, I have found after several years of participation, that due to FIRST standardization, regulation, and the whole competition format, the scope of the club is highly limited. Both the... Read more

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