These are some of the things I've worked on and want (and am allowed) to display. Unfortunately, none of my numerous Sysop projects will appear here as we keep those on a private gitlab instance. Click headings to view project in action.


My project for PennApps XVI done in cooperation with Shriyash Upadhyay, Sahil Kochar, and Michael Yin.


My project for PennApps XV done in cooperation with Ji Hyuk Bae, Anthony Li, and Ethan Farkas. A workplace health system intended to detect employees with fevers and send them home to prevent long-term loss of productivity. Here are links to the server-side and device-side source code.

This Site

The entirety of this site, including the blog, was written by myself from scratch using standard HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. I'm not a fan of fancy frameworks. The server that runs this site also controls my lights via a set of my own scripts, gpio, and a relay.

Bill Fortress

A rogue-like(-ish) style RPG written in Javascript as my final project for AP NSL Gov. Done in cooperation with Noah Kim, Andrew Komo, and Chris Wang. The source code can be found on Github.

Economics Club Website

While my dear friend Shriyash Upadhyay designed the look, I wrote the functional back end to support lecture notes, resources, and the econ blog. This was my first time working with PHP and server side scripting, and in retrospect it's horrendous, but it was a learning experience.