July 13th, 2018

v2 of my PennApps 2018w project

Half-Speed Test Footage

A Friendly Stab at Modern Philosophers

August 20th, 2017

Just wanted to bring this excellently phrased quote to light:

"Современные философы - это подобие международной банды цыган-конокрадов, которые при любой возможности с гиканьем угоняют в темноту последние остатки простоты и здравого смысла." - Виктор Пелевин

or for those who don't speak Russian,

"Modern philosophers are a kind of multi-national... Read more

PennApps Post-Mortem: Too Hot - Day Three

May 12th, 2017

And now for the final -- and shortest -- installment in our ongoing series

We rose later than on Saturday and spent our remaining hacking time on prettying up the styling of the admin interface and generally lounging about, collaboratively writing the Devpost project profile. When time was called, we were ready.

The final product

We were up for the second round of judging, and so, after a tiny bit of confusion and a very good time spent browsing the tons... Read more

PennApps Post-Mortem: Too Hot - Day Two

April 25th, 2017

Oh boy, here I go writing again.

I had spent the night in very quiet (though not empty) computer lab on the first floor, and arose at around 7:30am with a solid 3.5 hours of sleep under my belt. Ji, not having brought a change of clothes, a sleeping bag, a pillow, or even a sheet, slept with his face flat on our table. Now, if this wasn't pitiable enough, I went to check the git repo and found that his last commit was 6:53am. My watch read 7:34am. Less than two hours later, Ji would be up and at it... Read more

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