PennApps Post-Mortem: Too Hot - Day Three

May 12th, 2017

And now for the final -- and shortest -- installment in our ongoing series

We rose later than on Saturday and spent our remaining hacking time on prettying up the styling of the admin interface and generally lounging about, collaboratively writing the Devpost project profile. When time was called, we were ready.

The final product

We were up for the second round of judging, and so, after a tiny bit of confusion and a very good time spent browsing the tons of other interesting hacks, set up in a corner with the requisite wall. For some reason, the change in environment screwed up the rangefinder, so our first couple of judges were disappointed by a malfunctioning hardware hack, but I quickly dropped a hotfix filtering garbage readings.

In the end, we didn't feel great, but not bad either, and were ready to go pack our things when Ji, who had stayed in the expo room, called and told us: We had made Top 30! This will sound difficult to believe, but our sprint back could have given Usain Bolt a run for his money.

Unfortunately, despite working our sales pitch hard, we did not make it to the Top Ten or win any other awards. Nonetheless, the experience was excellent, and left me primed for further hacking. The bus ride back home was one of meditation and introspection. Thank you, PennApps.

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