Autocycle — Printed Circuit Board

Autocycle Shield PCB

While at the University of Maryland, I was a part of and helped lead Team Autocycle, a student research team working to design and build a self-driving bicycle. The Autocycle required custom electronics to supply the microcontroller with necessary sensor information, power, actuator interfaces, and communication lines. To that end, I designed a custom PCB shield in Autodesk Fusion 360, using both through-hole and surface mount technology, soldered, and verified it.

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Research — Teleoperation of ICU Ventilators

Remote Ventilator Control

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March of 2020, I was unable to access the lab to continue my DALK work. As such, I pivoted to design and prototype a device that could help combat the pandemic: a tele-operated robot for remotely controlling Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ventilators. The project involved rapid design, prototyping, and coding, and eventually won the Innovation Award in the UK-RAS Medical Robotics for Contagious Diseases Challenge.

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